Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Foreign Crisis PR: Asia, Charles Saatchi and The Israel Defense Forces

Busy week in the world of crisis PR – some press highlights and comments:

First – A feature story in The Wall Street Journal “Why Asiana Has a PR Problem” and indeed, companies at times of extreme problems do indeed need outside crisis PR firms who can assist them to see clearly. Interesting as well to read about how Korean culture differs when it comes to PR vs more Western nations.

And  - In a story dominating European media, the ugly fight, and now planned divorce for Charles Saatchi and Nigella Lawson. Major crisis and big story – and here are 5 crisis PR tips being offered for Saatchi.  Although, quite clearly he hasn’t followed any crisis PR advice at all.

Then - The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) launched a website this week dedicated to their arch enemy – Hezbollah, a terrorist organization.  Their new site has the Hezbollah logo – surrounded by “Hezbollah, Army of Terror.” It is essentially a compilation of information which can be found around the Internet – but is a good site to lobby countries with and make it easiest to share information.  In war, bullets matter, and so too does information. The Hezbollah website can be found at http://www.idfblog.com/hezbollah/ and indeed as an Israeli Army spokesperson said “This initiative shows the military has to adapt to a new media war zone which is interactive media.”

Finally – And a website, topPRagencies.com, has released their list of the ten best crisis communications companies – and am pleased to say that the agency I founded, 5WPR has ranked Number 2.  The site “compares and evaluates the top performing PR firms in areas of service they most commonly provide to their customers. The evaluations focus on identifying the top performing companies and placing them on the rankings in order depending on how the perform during the evaluation process.”

SOURCE http://everything-pr.com/foreign-crisis-pr/244109/

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Given Obama’s Egypt Experience, Should He Touch Israel?

For many reasons, recent American foreign policy mistakes will be studied for many years in academic institutions worldwide.  Saying nothing of the Snowden affair which will undoubtedly have long-lasting implications, it is clearly apparent that Obama has been na├»ve, foolish and completely mistaken in his view on Egypt – formerly one of America’s fiercest allies in the Arab world.

The streets are on fire and many questions will be asked for years to come.  Will Muslim fundamentalists believe in democracy? Will the Egyptian military truly be united with political powers that be? Who knows how much blood is in the streets of Egypt and how much America helped?

As Ari Shavit wrote in Haaretz in January 2011, President Obama had betrayed “a moderate Egyptian president who remained loyal to the United States, promoted stability and encouraged moderation.”  Mubarak may not have been perfect – but in an imperfect region, he kept peace with Israel and was a staunch, reliable American ally.  Today Anti-American and Anti-Israel emotion is rampant throughout Egypt.

Against this backdrop, Obama, and the American Administration urge Israel to take risks for peace.  Even if one believes Obama is a true ally of Israel, does not the man’s awful record thus far on the Mideast render anything he has to say on the region completely useless at this point? Obama is a brilliant speaker and Public Relations pro – but the Middle East he doesn’t understand.

Israel can tell Secretary of State Kerry and Obama to solve the other Middle East problems and leave Israel alone.  Israel can’t afford the sort of mistakes America helped create in Egypt.

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SOURCE http://blogs.timesofisrael.com/given-obamas-egypt-experience-should-he-touch-israel/

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Regis Philbin and Tony Danza give staffers a workout after managers at Reebok Sports Club try to shoo them from rooftop terrace

Duo negotiates with management to push the terrace closing from 3 to 4 p.m. so they could shmooze

Tony Danza found a friend in Regis Philbin last week when the mature TV duo teamed up in a ruckus at the Reebok Sports Club on the upper West Side.

The fancy gym, located in the same building where Philbin lives, has a rooftop terrace that residents of the high-rise can use. But when sports club managers tried to close the outdoor space early one afternoon for a private event, Philbin and Danza weren’t having any of it.

“First Tony was up there, reading his paper, just hanging out. Then Regis comes up and he’s got his papers and he’s trying to relax. The two of them were sitting with a chair in between them just enjoying the afternoon,” a spywitness tells Confidenti@l.

But when club employees came up to shoo everyone off the premises, Danza went bananas.

“He starts going, ‘I’m not going anywhere. I am not going anywhere. This is my time to relax and I’m gonna relax. Look, I’m relaxing,’ ” our spy tells us.

Then Philbin joined in, asking why they had to leave.

 “You have Tony’s voice, then imagine Regis’ voice asking, ‘Why are you moving all the lounge chairs?’ ” says our witness.

At that point, the roof had cleared, with the exception of a few people who stayed to watch the commotion. After Danza and Philbin recognized each other, they negotiated with management to push the terrace closing from 3 to 4 p.m. so they could shmooze.

“They were sitting there with a girl in a bikini half-naked between them, yelling back and forth,” laughs our spy. “Tony says, ‘What do you have going on these days, Reege?’ And Regis is talking to him about TV projects. After they both have a fit, they’re sitting there yelling back and forth to each other.”

The duo sure had a lot to catch up on. Danza, 62, will be on screen soon in “Don Jon,” directed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He was recently called into VH1’s “The Gossip Table” to discuss working with the actor-turned-director, and called the film fantastic.

Philbin, 81, is preparing for his new talk show on Fox Sports 1, “Crowd Goes Wild,” to be filmed in a new studio at Chelsea Piers. It will air weekdays at 5 p.m.

The two continued on for the hour, before Danza got up and announced: “Okay, my civil disobedience is over.” He then headed inside.


OC61 Salon owner Louise O’Connor found a famous Good ­Samaritan to help her with a very heavy package. While struggling to carry some goods to her car on Madison Ave. recently, a passerby saw her and ran to help, an onlooker tells us. “This very nice man turns up, said, ‘I saw you trying to carry that, can I help?’ and she looks up and it’s Bono,” a spy tells us. “He helped her and she didn’t even realize it was him until he walked away, and she said ‘That was Bono!’ Louise is Irish [like the U2 front man], so it was extra special.”


Holy Moly! Can we please look like this at 50 years old? Lisa Rinna, who is turning half a century on Thursday at a bash thrown by husband Harry Hamlin, looks more like 20. Here she poses in her bathroom and snaps a pic of herself looking ripped in a bikini, so all the ladies can be jealous and all the men can drool. It doesn’t come easy, though. Rinna admits to Kundalini yoga five times a week, a personal trainer and plenty of juice fasts. Whatever it is, it’s working.


The Hotel de Paris, a five-star hotel in Monaco, was deluged with New Yorkers Thursday throwing Jacob the Jeweler a giant party. “There was over $100 million in diamonds and watches on display,” a spy tells us of the bash for Jacob Arabov, who’s made bling for celebs from Jay-Z to Kanye West. “Jacob sauntered around the crowd looking dapper with his wife, Angela.” Guests included soccer god Cristiano Ronaldo, taxi kingpin Gene Friedman, real estate attorney to the stars Ed Mermelstein, French actress Juliette Binocheand 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian.


Yet another member of the extended Kardashian clan — this time it’s Kendall Jenner, an aspiring high-fashion model — frolics in the ocean in Malibu during the family’s Fourth of July barbecue beach party.

 “Beautiful day!” she tweeted. She may have been in such a chipper mood because high school friend Julian Brooks, her rumored longtime boyfriend, was around. The two were later spotted together.


We love to see a happy Kelly Rutherford with her kids, Hermes and Helena.

The trio were headed to a playground in Battery Park on Thursday. The “Gossip Girl” star recently filed for bankruptcy after a costly child custody battle with ex-husband Daniel Giersch, who lives with the children in Monaco. Rutherford has been with her kids for a few weeks now and is fighting to have them move back to the U.S.


Most of us go to Barry’s Bootcamp to work up a sweat and get some muscle. Lisa Kudrow goes to peruse the menu. On Friday, the former “Friends” star, who is staying at the James Hotel, strolled into the lobby of the Tribeca workout class looking for a smoothie. “She came in just for a shake. The type she got was called a PB&J,” a spy tells us. “She said she was super jet-lagged; she just flew in from Italy last night.”


Red, white and eww? Katy Perry Insta­grammed a photo of herself and personal “Firework,” notorious womanizer John Mayer, celebrating the Fourth in matching stars and stripes.

 The songwriter has a habit of dishing about ex-girlfriends’ skills in the sack (as he did about Jessica Simpsonin Playboy) and giving streetcorner interviews about why he broke up with them, as he did with Jennifer Aniston. Watch out, Katy!


It may sound hard to believe, but Tatyana Ali says she struggled to feel pretty while growing up in the public eye. “It was, at certain points, not being black enough,” Ali told The News’ Jennifer H. Cunningham Thursday at a private screening of the documentary “Imagine a Future,” at Manning’s Restaurant in New Orleans. Ali is in the Big Easy for the Essence Festival.

“It’s this push and pull — putting yourself out there, to be creative and fulfill your purpose, and feeling like the world isn’t receptive to what you’re trying to say, because you don’t necessarily fit the mold of whatever it is people think you’re supposed to be,” the former “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” star said.

Ali said meditation and contributing to “Imagine a Future,” which focuses on black women’s perceptions of their own beauty (which aired Friday on BET), helped her overcome her insecurities.


“Real Housewives of New York” star Sonja ­Morgan’sparty just doesn’t stop. Before flying out to Saint-Tropez for — you guessed it — partying, she hit Hamptons hot spot Georgica in ­Wainscott, where she was throwing back cocktails and ­dancing. “She was acting half her age,” says a
spy. After doing a little light math, we figured out that would be 25. But since it is Morgan, we’ll
give her a pass for acting half her age — because she looks it, too.


Ex-New York Giants star Jeremy Shockey isn’t playing football, but he’s still playing the field. The tattooed tight end was at the SLS hotel in Miami recently, where he chain-smoked and rolled up his sleeves for patrons to check out his highly inked arms. “He was running his fingers through his hair nonstop,” a spy tells Confidenti@l. We’re told Shockey stayed late, partying into the night and flirting with the ladies.

With Molly Friedman and Margaret Eby


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

5WPR CEO Weighs in on the Debate About What Makes You Successful

What makes you a good businessman


Ronn Torossian

Markets are crowded. No matter what you do, there will be competition vying for your market share. That’s the nature of free enterprise. However, the strength of free enterprise as a system lies in the ability to build and protect your reputation.

But what would you rather be known for? Consistency or uniqueness? Which trademark should your consumer PR strive for?

These are questions that keep many business owners up at night. Would they rather be known for exceptional – but consistent – quality and service, or would their customers prefer to be surprised by true greatness from time to time?

The debate rages even as social media and multimedia digital devices have turned traditional marketing inside out. On the surface, shock and awe seem like the new standard…but is it, really?

Let’s take a look at the pros of both consistency and uniqueness:

  •     This provides comfort for your customers
  •     Consistency inspires loyalty – people love to know what to expect
  •     People can define your quality and know where you “fit”
  •     Helps people make easy decisions

  •     This gets people talking and gives them something interesting to say
  •     Provides pop, punch and all sorts of action verbs
  •     Uniqueness promotes responsiveness from customers
  •     They may love you or hate you, but they will remember you

Bottom line, do people prefer Old Faithful or random volcanoes? Answer: It depends on the people. Both have their place in most markets. Consider, extreme sport skydivers are some of the most random and excitable people on the planet, but they want their gear consistent. The chute better open, right? Readers, on the other hand, love to curl up with a cozy book. But they are also open to reading new things and, thus, experiencing new things. See where we’re going with this?

Ronn Torossian concludes that the entire question is flawed. You need not choose between consistency or uniqueness. In areas of quality and service, you need to excel at consistency. In areas of entertainment and curiosity, don’t be afraid to try new things.

Of course all this good advice can blow up in your face if you fail to communicate your direction or plans in a way your customers can connect with.

For help crafting a PR plan that hits it out of the park in quality and pizzazz, contact Ronn Torossian and 5WPR here.

SOURCE http://ronntorossian.com/5wpr-ceo-weighs-in-on-the-debate-about-what-makes-you-successful/