Monday, October 28, 2013

ACLJ Launches Web Strategy To Respond To ObamaCare

The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) announced today it has launched a new web strategy to challenge ObamaCare and the individual mandate. The ACLJ, which already is challenging the HHS mandate in federal court, has launched encouraging Americans to add their names to a growing chorus of protest to ObamaCare.

“We want to send a very strong message to the Obama Administration that Americans are saying enough is enough when it comes to ObamaCare. We’re preparing a new legal strategy to stop the Obama Administration from penalizing Americans who fail to sign up for a program that doesn’t work. ObamaCare is failing. The health care website doesn’t work. The costs are too high. And, the individual mandate is looming. With this new campaign, we are giving Americans an opportunity to voice their concerns. We expect to hear from thousands of dissatisfied Americans through our new website. And we will let Congress know about the feedback we receive prior to next week’s hearing. We urge Congress to aggressively investigate this debacle – the roll-out of ObamaCare. The American people deserve answers from the Obama Administration and the American people deserve accountability,” said Jay Sekulow, Founder of ACLJ.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Success & Your Social Life

Finding the balance you need to “feel” successful

Don’t worry, this is not going to be one of those unrealistic screeds about trying to find balance between your work, and your social life. You are young, full of energy, enthusiasm, and ideas. Now is EXACTLY the time to harness that, and set yourself up for a lifetime of success.

Then again, I’m not saying a personal life is unimportant. Even if you work for yourself, if ALL you do is work, you will quickly become nothing more than a cog in your very own machine. Being your own boss may be demanding, but there’s no need for your boss to be a total jerk.

So, understand, Ronn Torossian is no philosopher or psychologist, and I’ll never pretend to be one. What I am is a person who understands exactly what it takes to achieve success. I also understand the importance of maintaining who you are, and what (or who) you love in the process.

I know PR, and that means I have a pretty fair understanding of people, too. But I’m not going to bore you with platitudes, and self-help nonsense. I’m going to help you learn how to manage your success, and your life from a public relations perspective.
Develop messages that keep working

While some targeted messages should be temporary, and very specifically pointed, most of your communication should have an element of timelessness. This will help you keep from having to remake, or renovate your content every time the world moves on. This will allow you to fit more “me” time into your week.
Develop TransMedia connections that perpetually build your brand

TransMedia offers an excellent opportunity for you to keep your ideas, brands, or products fresh without the additional effort of developing completely new ideas for various platforms. Extend your message via additional platforms without reinventing the wheel for every possible communication medium.
Staying on message

One of the fringe benefits of remembering your message is the inherent focus this activity brings. Enthusiasm can bleed into a lot of areas, and confuse your direction. Some CEOs, and business pros sink themselves by allowing too many directions to limit their effectiveness in any one venue. Staying on message will help you avoid this mistake.


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Michael Strahan, Bradley Cooper Compete for $25M NYC Penthouse

The apartment is a short walk away from Strahan's work

Michael Strahan, former defensive end for the New York Giants and current co-host of Live! With Kelly and Michael, may have to compete with Bradley Cooper for an apartment.

The apartment, which is a duplex, is located at 150 Columbus Ave. and is only a short walk away from Strahan’s work. The penthouse cost $25 million and is in the same building that holds Eagles bassist Timothy Schmit, MTV founder Bob Pittman, PR mogul Ronn Torossian and sportscaster Marv Albert. The apartment takes up 5,500 square feet and has a total of 10 rooms. Five of the rooms in the apartment are bedrooms. Strahan would be moving into the apartment with his fiancee, Nicole Murphy. Strahan may want to move quickly if he wants the penthouse. Bradley Cooper has also been looking at the apartment, reports The New York Daily News.

Strahan has relisted his two-bed, two-bath TriBeCa home for $2.25 million, which is $400,000 more than what he listed it for in 2009.


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Michael Strahan & Nicole Murphy Married Soon? Engaged Couple Eye $25 Million Pad in NYC

Michael Strahan and fiancee Nicole Murphy have been eyeing a $25 million NYC penthouse---located directly across the street from the host's ABC gig.

According to The New York Daily News, this is the third time the couple has taken a look at the penthouse,  a duplex with amazing Central Park views, is at 150 Columbus Ave. The apartment building is already home to a famous and wealthy names including Eagles bassist Timothy Schmit, MTV founder Bob Pittman, PR mogul Ronn Torossian and sportscaster Marv Albert.

The complex Strahan and Nicole are looking at has 5,500 square feet and 10 rooms, including five bedrooms.

While Nicole and Strahan have yet to set a wedding date, the couple has been drawn to the home because of its location. It would be an ideal place to live for the former New York Giant, whose current "Live With Kelly" gig is walking distance. If he agrees to live at the apartment, he'd be following in the footsteps of Regis Philbin, who still lives next door at 101 W. 67th and enjoyed a short walk to work each morning.

Nicole and Strahan have been engaged for four years now.

"I have a great relationship and she's a great girl," Strahan said back in 2009 when he popped the question.  "I don't like to talk much about my private life, but I'm really happy."

Nicole was previously married to actor/comedian, Eddie Murphy. She currently stars on the VH1 reality show, Hollywood Exes.


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the United Nations October 1, 2013

As part of what 5W Public Relations has been doing to provide useful and informative information to the public, Ronn Torossian and 5WPR present the speech of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the United Nations October 1, 2013. Amos 9/14 ( "They shall plant vineyards and drink their wine. They shall till gardens and eat their fruit. And I will plant them upon their soil never to be uprooted again. Ladies and gentlemen, the people of Israel have come home never to be uprooted again."